Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rainbow Bee-eater's at Nobby 24/08/12

While Working at Nobby on the Darling Downs, I spotted about 6 Rainbow Bee-Eaters in a nearby tree.  We have not had a sighting of these for some time.  Unfortunately I had left my newly charged camera at home!  B.G.

Taken on my phone... my attempt to capture the Rainbow Bee-Eaters at Nobby.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wedge-tailed Eagle's Nest at Toogoolawah 14/08/12

This week saw me travel to Toogoolawah for work.  While working I saw a Wedge-tailed Eagle dive down and come up with what looked like a plover in its talons, it then flew over us then up a hill behind where we were working.  I decided to take a better look and spotted a dark clump within the trees, so I headed up the steep hill for a closer look.  The clump was definately a large Wedge-tailed Eagles Nest and as I didn't have the camera with me, I was only able to take the below picture on my phone.  My two employees (whom I dragged along with me up the hill) had never seen a Wedgies nest before and were facinated at the sheer size of it.  B.G.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Mt Kingsthorpe - A Panoramic View 06/08/12

I am currently working on a project for my work in Local Tourism and took myself on a field trip to doccument great places to see and experience in between Toowoomba and Jondaryan. 
Mt Kingsthorpe is one of my favourite bush walk climbs, as the panoramic view at the top is breathtaking.  It is the perfect place to take landscape pictures and the native flora is rather different from what you usually see on local bush walks.  On this particular visit, the Wattles and Native Peas were flowering in abundance and there were little-birds a plenty.  I will post a link to my tour guide information for this trip once it is complete, but here is a sneak-peak of some of the images from my recent visit.  J.G.

Brown Falcon on Powerlines @ Meringandan 06/08/12

I spotted this Brown Falcon on the power lines while driving home late this afternoon.  I happened to have the camera with me, but only had the little lense on hand, so these are the best of the many pictures I took.  J.G.

Under Attack.  The Brown Falcon flew off to perch in the tree on the back right and the attacking magpies then left it alone.