Monday, June 24, 2013

Glider's Untimely Death on a Barbed Wire Fence 23/06/13

Late Yesterday afternoon Brendon took some rubbish to the local tip and on the way home noticed this poor adult Sugar Glider on a barbed-wire fence at the front of a property.  Unfortunately the glider had allready died, but not very long ago.  The Glider was caught by one leg, and had we found it earlier; it could have been saved by an expert wildlife carer.  It was a very sad discovery and the first one that we have seen caught on a fence in this area.

It really highlights the dangers to wildlife for Barbed Wire Fences.  To find out more about Wildlife Friendly Fencing Please view this Website:

Australian Hobby at Nevilton Qld 22nd June 2013

While driving I spotted this Australian Hobby on the Power lines ahead.  After stopping and assembling the camera I took a few photos - most of all were blurry as the bird flew off in a hurry as soon as I emerged from the car. This photo is of when it landed again further along the power lines, only to be set-upon immediately by a magpie.  J.G.

Australian Hobby & Magpie