Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beautiful Birds at Cressbrook Dam, 15/07/12

A trip to Cressbrook Dam today proved successfull with many beautiful birds spotted on this cold winter day.  The main highlight today was an Azure Kingfisher.

Cresbrook Dam, South East Queensland

Little Pied Cormorant

Varied Sitella - moving along the tree branch upside down

Varied Sitella jumping along the branch.

Little Pied Cormorant

Azure Kingfisher

Unfortunate Darter Caught in discarded Fishing Line 15/07/12

While Birdwatching at Cressbrook Dam (South East Queensland) today, we were saddened to witness this unfortunate Darter that was hanging by fishing line around its neck, from a tree overlooking the water.  Another Darter was perched in the tree above the dead one.  It was a very sad sight and I am posting the pictures to highlight the damage that discarded fishing line can cause.
J & B.

A very sad sight and a horrible death for this unfortunate Darter caught up in discarded fishing line at Cressbrook Dam 15/07/12.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Spiny Cheeked Honeyeater at Cooby Dam 05/07/12

An afternoon walk around Loveday Cove at Cooby Dam proved very fruitfull for bird watching. The weather was beautiful and warm without any winter breeze, and the birds were plentiful.  Highlights were the Spiny Cheeked honeyeater, Australian Pelican and the Black Swans, not to forget the Musk Duck eating a crayfish (see previous post).

Bird List from memory includes:

Brown Honeyeater
Blue-Faced Honeyeater
Spiny Cheeked Honeyeater
Musk Duck
Wood Duck
Australian Pelican
Large Egret
White Faced Heron
Black Swan
Yellow-rumped Thornbill
Superb Blue Wren
Willie Wagtail
Grey Fantail
Australian Magpie
Noisy Miner

? Un-Identified Ducks/Birds - See below

Thanks to readers on our Australian Wildlife Conservation FB Page, There has been much debate on the ID of these ducks/birds.  I was unsure what they were and I have had some feedback saying that they may be immature Dusky Moorhens??? I am not sure so would love feedback from those who may know more.  J.G.

Coot's a plenty

Musk Duck with its Crayfish Prize

White-faced Heron

Yellow-rumped Thornbill

Spiny Cheeked Honeyeater

Australian Pelican

Black Swan Pair

Blue-faced Honeyeater

Australian Pelicans & Black Swans at Cooby Dam

Sunset through the trees at Cooby Dam.

Australian Beauty in the neighbouring vineyard at Cooby Dam.

Crayfish feast for a Musk Duck at Cooby Dam 05/07/12

The kids and I watched this Musk Duck struggle with this Crayfish at Cooby Dam the other day.  It would not long have been in the ducks beak and then it would lose it, dive underneath and come up again with its catch.  After many attempts to swallow it, it finally succeeded! It was entertaining to watch.  J.G.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Whistling Kites, Balonne River, St George, 30/06/12

I took these photos while we were packing up to leave from a fishing trip to the Balonne River, St George, Qld on 30th June 2012.  These Whistling Kites were calling out and soaring down to the water grabbing small fish with their claws.  They put on an amazing display and moved very quickly.  B.G.

This picture shows two Whistling Kites one on the mid far left and the other on the top right

This picture is a little blury, but it shows two of the kites together over the water.

White-necked Heron

Great Egret