Friday, September 23, 2016

Historic town of Hermannsburg N.T.

21 September 2016


Hermannsburg is an Aboriginal community 125 km km west southwest of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. Local Aboriginal people call it Ntaria.  Hermannsburg is the birthplace of well known Australian Aboriginal Artist Albert Namatjira (1902–1959).

The Hermannsburg Historic Precinct is an old German Lutheran Mission, that was established in 1877. The Hermannsburg Historic Precinct was included in the National Heritage List on 13 April 2006.

Hermannsburg Historic Precinct is open to visitors who can visit the old mission house, Albert Namatjira's house, a museum and an art gallery.

There is plenty to see and read about at this historic precinct.  The grounds are also home to some stunning old gum trees, with plenty of hollows, which were home to native Budgerigars and Australian Ringneck Parrots.  Wild Brumbys grazed on the outskirts of the precinct grounds.  The art gallery and tributes to Albert Namatjira were fantastic and very interesting.  

J & B

Welcome to the town of Hermannsburg, Northern Territory

Historic Hermannsburg Precinct Entry

Historic Hermannsburg Precinct

Historic Hermannsburg Precinct

Budgerigars feeding their babies in a nesting hollow on the grounds of the Historic Hermannsburg Precinct

The kids out the front of the tea-rooms at Historic Hermannsburg Precinct

Historic Hermannsburg Precinct Church

Wild Brumby at Hermannsburg

Date Palms in flower at Historic Hermannsburg Precinct

The original infirmary at Historic Hermannsburg Precinct

Infirmary at Historic Hermannsburg Precinct

Historic Hermannsburg Precinct

Colonists House at Historic Hermannsburg Precinct

Steel Power poles throughout Hermannsburg and also in Alice Springs.

Small section of the tribute to Australian watercolour artist Albert Namatjira

Water tanks at Hermannsburg Historic Precinct

Monday, September 19, 2016

Walpa Gorge, Kata Tjuta Northern Territory

19th September 2016


Day trip to the stunning  Walpa Gorge at Kata Tjuta (aka The Olgas), within the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park Northern Territory, was breathtaking.  The terrain approaching the gorge was steep and rocky, with beautiful wildflowers on the sides of the walking track at the entrance to the gorge.  We were very lucky to see the Northern Territory in flower, after a large amount of rain prior to our visit. We watched in delight of birds of prey soaring above and then returning to their nest on the rockface of the gorge.  We had hoped to see parrots and wallabies and kangaroos, but there were so many people visiting the gorge - tourists just like us, that it was way to busy for any species that like seclusion to be on show.

J,B,C & K

Walpa Gorge, Kata Tjuta (aka The Olgas) 19/09/2016

Kata Tjuta (aka The Olgas) 19/09/2016

Cam & Brendon walking towards the entrance of the Walpa Gorge walking Track, Kata Tjuta, N.T. 19/09/16

Stunning Wildflowers and shrubs at Kata Tjuta, in the background, the rock face shown is where the old 'walk the olgas' was.  You can see the evidence of the erosion from the many people who walked the olgas some time ago. 

Wildflowers of Kata Tjuta

Hairy Mulla Mulla (Ptilotus helipteroides) at Kata Tjuta 19/09/16

Hairy Mulla Mulla (Ptilotus helipteroides) at Kata Tjuta 19/09/16

Large Pink Pussy-tails (Ptilotus exaltatus) at Kata Tjuta, N.T. 19/09/16

Large Pink Pussy-tails (Ptilotus exaltatus) at Kata Tjuta, N.T. 19/09/16

Small waterhole on the Walpa Gorge Walking track, Kata Tjuta 19/09/16

A nesting Nankeen Kestrel in the centre of this photo in one of the 'holes' in the sides of Walpa Gorge at Kata Tjuta!

Walpa Gorge, Kata Tjuta, NP 19/09/16

Walpa Gorge Walking Track, Kata Tjuta, NT 19/09/16

Grey-headed Honeyeater at Walpa Gorge,Kata Tjuta, photo taken from a very long way away. 19/09/16

Walpa Gorge,Kata Tjuta, 19/09/16

Walpa Gorge,Kata Tjuta - looking back towards the way we had walked from.

Fields of Large Pink Pussy-tails (Ptilotus exaltatus) at Kata Tjuta, N.T. 19/09/16

Hairy Mulla Mulla (Ptilotus helipteroides) at Kata Tjuta 19/09/16

White Paper Daisies (Rhodanthe floribunda) at Kata Tjuta, NT 19/09/16

Perennial Ptilotus (Ptilotus parvifolius) at Kata Tjuta, NT 19/09/16
Amazing to see these plants growing on top of this giant rock - Kata Tjuta, N.T. 19/09/16

All of us at Walpa Gorge, Kata Tjuta NT 19/09/16

Water in rock-pools at Walpa Gorge, Kata Tjuta, NT 19/09/16

Returning to the carpark from Walpa Gorge - shows the terrain of the walking track.  19/09/16

Large nest in a gumtree at the base of Kata Tjuta 19/09/16

Roadsigns near the carpark for Walpa Gorge.  This road head to W.A.  19/09/16

Kata Tjuta (photo taken from the vehicle)  19/09/16

Back at Yulara, the view of Kata Tjuta at Sunset 19/09/16

Birds of Central Australia, Northern Territory

23 September 2016

A week spent in the Northern Territory during Spring, was fantastic, and we saw some amazing birds during our time, including the Crimson Chat & Major Mitchell Cockatoo.  A few other lifers included the Red-backed Kingfisher, Little Woodswallow and Black Honeyeater.  This post is a collection of the photos we managed to take of various birds in the red-centre during our visit.

Full bird list and more photos to come...

J & B.

Red-backed Kingfisher at Uluru, N.T. 18/09/16

Budgerigars feeding their baby in nesting hollow at Hermannsburg, N.T. 21/09/16

Australian Ringneck Parrot at nesting hollow at Alice Springs N.T. 21/09/16
White-plumed Honeyeater at Yulara N.T. 17/09/16
Male Zebra Finch posing perfectly on the base walking track around Uluru, 18/09/16
Female Zebra Finch, Uluru, 18/09/16
Captive Emu at Curtain Springs, N.T. 20/09/16
Red-kneed Dotterel  (bottom right) at Palm Valley, Finke Gorge National Park, N.T. 21/09/16
Little Woodswallow at Uluru, N.T. 18/09/16