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Lacey Creek, Djiru National Park Mission Beach

26th September 2015

Dreaming Trail, Lacey Creek Bushwalk, Djiru National Park, Mission Beach, North Qld

"Since Europeans began to settle North Queensland, over 80 per cent of the lowland rainforest in the Wet Tropics has been cleared for agriculture and housing. Much of the forest in Mission Beach was selectively harvested up until the 1970s. This forest type is now preserved as national park." (Source:

The Dreaming Trail, Lacey Creek Bushwalk within the Djiru National Park, outside of Mission Beach, North Queensland, is a 3.2km walk climbing over steep terrain and crossing over Lacey Creek a few times.  Cassowaries are often seen in this section of the National Park, however on our walk, we only saw evidence of them (plenty of large poo's) and alas, no Cassowaries themselves.  The walk is beautiful and you wind through large Fan Palm groves and enjoy the calls of plenty of little birds overhead.  The damage from Cyclone Yasi is still evident with plenty of gaps in the canopy overhead.

There was plenty of beautiful fungi to enjoy and I also spotted a stunning orchid in flower. We visited late afternoon, and I would love to go on this walk again, possibly early morning next time with the hope of seeing more birdlife.  Spangled Drongo's were aplenty.  There were quite a few beautiful butterflies which were hard to capture on camera - but very enjoyable to watch their vibrant flight through the rainforest.  The Helena Brown Butterfly was particularly beautiful. Brendon observed a turtle swimming in Lacey Creek while walking over the low bridge.

Thank you to the local Mission Beach World Cassowary Day Organisers for suggesting we visit Lacey Creek in the Djiru National Park on our way back to Cairns.

J & B

Dreaming Trail Walk to Lacey Creek, Djiru National Park, Mission Beach

One of many Cassowary Poo's on the Dreaming Trail Walking Track (26/09/15)

Observing the beautiful flora on the Dreaming Trail Walk

Beautiful Orchid in flower at Lacey Creek Walk 

Helena Brown Butterfly (Tisiphone helena) at Dreaming Trail, Lacey Creek, Djiru National Park

Helena Brown Butterfly (Tisiphone helena) with wings closed at Dreaming Trail, Lacey Creek, Djiru National Park

Lacey Creek, Djiru National Park, Mission Beach 26/09/15. 

Smaller section of Lacey Creek, Djiru National Park, Mission Beach

A small selection of the Fungi seen on the Dreaming Trail, Djiru National Park, Mission Beach

Master C noticed this huge fungi and took a great photo of my hand beside it for size comparison. 

Master C also noticed this awesome insect clinging to the bottom of another fungi on the Dreaming Trail

These "Seeds" have sprouted new trees on the forest floor at Djiru National Park, Dreaming Trail. 

Another of the many Cassowary Poo's seen on the Dreaming Trail - ready to regenerate trees required for this species' future survival.

Goodbye from Dreaming Trail... This photo is blurry, but I loved it just the same. We watched this majestic blue and yellow butterfly make it's way through the rainforest on the Lacey Creek Walk in Djiru National Park. 

World Cassowary Day 2015 Mission Beach

26th September 2015

Bob Irwin at World Cassowary Day - Mission Beach, Far North Queensland

After visiting the Mission Beach Cassowary Education Centre during the week, on his way home from the Cape, Brendon was so impressed by the work and commitment that the town was giving to the local Cassowary population, that a decision was was made for us all to fly up for the World Cassowary Day 2015 being hosted in Mission Beach.

Each year World Cassowary Day is held in a different Region.  This year was Mission Beach's turn and it was a great opportunity to find out first hand what is going on in the world of the cassowary – conservation successes, failures and how we can do better, find out more about the cassowary’s life history, conservation status and pathways to survival.

We were so impressed with the large number of wildlife and environmental stalls for organisations at the event.  It was heartwarming to see so many people and so many groups doing their bit for wildlife and the environment. The event was attended by the Threatened Species Commissioner Gregory Andrews.

Our children thoroughly enjoyed the wildlife displays of animals in care, insects, zoological animals and more, and participated in the beach art activities.  I was thrilled to meet the committee and members of the Tully Branch of Wildlife Qld and introduce myself as the Toowoomba President. It was wonderful to speak to them in person and hear about the wonderful work they have been doing over many years to ensure the longevity of the local Mahogany Glider population.

Bob Irwin was a guest speaker at the event and he inspired everyone to ensure that they continue to do what they can for wildlife and encouraged the younger generation to get involved.  His speech was inspiring, motivating and heartwarming and very well received by everyone attending. (video of speech uploaded soon)

The end of the event included the passing on of the "Cassowary" to the Douglas Shire who will hold the event in the Daintree in 2016.

We thoroughly enjoyed our day at Mission Beach's World Cassowary Day and hope to attend another one in the future.  More information on this event can be found here:

J & B

While Heading to Mission Beach there were plenty of road signs informing drivers to be alert to Cassowaries in the area.  The one below was seen in various locations which was fantastic to see.

Beautiful Banners at World Cassowary Day 2015 - Mission Beach 

In front of the Environment Centre at Mission Beach

I loved these car stickers and we noticed plenty on vehicles around Mission Beach while driving.

Tree Roo Rescue Stall

Me with the wonderful committee at the Wildlife Qld Tully Branch Stall at World Cassowary Day 2015.

Bob Irwin Wildlife & Conservation Foundation Stall on left and WWF on the right. 

Bob and Brendon at World Cassowary Day 2015, Mission Beach. 

Bob Irwin speaking at World Cassowary Day 2015, Mission Beach

Bob Irwin speaking at World Cassowary Day 2015 - Mission Beach

Gorgeous Australian  Hercules Moth Caterpillar on display.

Leaf Insect 

The kids loved the baby Crocodile

Fresh local Coconuts for sale.

World Cassowary Day 2015 - Beach Art on Mission Beach

 Preparing for 2016

Official handover of World Cassowary Day to Douglas Shire Mayor Julia Leu
by World Cassowary Day founder Paul Webster

My World Cassowary Day Mission Beach 2015 Badge, purchased from Wildlife Qld Tully Branch Stall

A Day at Mission Beach

26th September 2015

We spent the day at Mission Beach (South of Cairns) for World Cassowary Day 2015 (see post here).  It was a great opportunity to have a look around and enjoy the beautiful tropical surroundings. Mission Beach is a popular tourist spot, with wide beaches, blue waters and rainforest surrounding the town.  The weather was rainy when we visited, but it didn't distract us from appreciating how beautiful the seascape was.

We can't wait to go back again soon - and are told that April is the ideal month to visit for tourists wanting to do outdoor activities.  We were rather busy taking in the festivities of the day and didn't have much time for nature watching, but we did see some beautiful Bar Shouldered Doves, Figbirds (northern race), and White-breasted Woodswallow's.

We visited Lacey Creek for a long bush walk through the rainforest at the end of the day.  (see post here) before heading back to Cairns.

J & B

Mission Beach 26/09/15

Mission Beach 26/09/15

Mission Beach 26/09/15

Bar Shouldered Dove at Mission Beach, 26/09/15

Male & Female Figbird's at Mission Beach, 26/09/15

Master C found a tiny Crab on Mission Beach 26/09/15

Grays at Mission Beach 26/09/15

Saturday, September 26, 2015

View from Henry Ross Lookout, Kuranda Range

25th September 2015

The scenic Henry Ross Lookout is located at the Kuranda Range road's highest point, at an altitude of 430 metres.  The lookout is named after the foreman in charge of building the road in 1939's. The lookout provides panoramic views of the Coral Sea, Cairns and it's northern beaches.  It is a popular stop for tourists and can be rather busy and trickly to cross over to when heading up to Kuranda.  
On the day we visited, the view was slightly hazy, so the photos of the coral sea aren't so clear.

J & B

View from Henry Ross Lookout (looking towards Cairns on the far right) on the way to Kuranda, North Qld, 25/09/15

View from Henry Ross Lookout on way to Kuranda, North Qld. 

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